DIY Puppy Toys

DIY Puppy Toys

My puppy, Max, is so fun! He has tons of energy and loves to play fetch and tug-of-war (I know, what puppy doesn’t?!)

So I decided to get creative and use a couple of my old t-shirts and make him these cool new toys!

1. lay the t-shirts flat on the floor (or really any flat surface if you don’t feel like sitting on the floor)

2. take a good, sharp pair of scissors (that are good for cutting fabric) and cut UP from the hem at the bottom of the shirt to the neck/shoulder seams. I didn’t cut through the top seams but you probably could

for the smaller, double knot rope…
I took 4 pieces of white, 4 pieces of maroon and 4 pieces of white again… make a small knot in the top of the bunch (I looped one of the pieces of fabric around the rest… kind of like tying a balloon).
Anchor the fabric (I used my foot but you could use a table, chair or anything else that is heavy enough to allow you to pull the fabric tight as you go)
Start braiding like you are braiding hair! make sure you pull it as tight as you can as you go so your puppy can’t pull it apart!
When you get to the end, just tie it off like you did on the top. I reinforced the knots on the top and bottom with a little hot glue.
Then I just tied a SUPER TIGHT knot in either end of the braid and VOILA!

I did the exact same thing with the loop except I just tied the two ends together and then I made a whole bunch of little knots (using two pieces of the fabric at a time). I reinforced the big knot with some got glue again.

For the big one, with the knot in the middle I used 10 pieces of fabric for each of the 3 sections (10 white, 10 maroon, 10 maroon) and did the same process tying off the end, anchoring it, braiding it really tightly and then tying off the end again. Then I just tied a knot in the middle and again, pulled it SUPER tight. I got glued my knots in the ends just to make sure Max doesn’t pull them apart.

All in all it took me maybe 30 minutes from start to finish and now Max has these 3 cool new toys that didn’t cost me a penny!


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