Another One Bites the Dust

One thing I have always loved is house plants – they can make a room feel lively and brighter and theoretically, they are low-maintenance. Anyone who knows me, knows that my track record for keeping plants alive for any period of time is really terrible. But I try! (and try….. and try….)

I recently got a new job and was so excited to have an office of my own, with four walls and everything! I was in IKEA (my happy place) and I decided that my new ‘big-girl’ office needed a plant to bring in some life. So I bought a Dragon Tree or more officially known as Dracena Marginata.

I didn’t take a picture of it when I first got it, but this is exactly what it looked like:


It was all spikey and cool looking, a little tropical even. I brought it home and immediately gave it a little water and it stayed on my dining room table until I went to work on Tuesday (yay! for 3 day weekends).

By Tuesday afternoon, my poor dragon tree was wilted and sad!


So I did a little bit of research on how to revive it and I found out a few things; for starters, they don’t like water (strike 1). They prefer dry soil and to only be watered every once in a while. I also found out that they don’t like the cold or direct sunlight so putting the poor plant on my window sill was strike 2 AND strike 3.

I read that as long as the trunk is still hard, it may come back. Welp, I guess there is no hope for my little dragon tree. It’s leaves are still green but the trunk is starting to get soft and mushy.

So long little Dragon Tree! It was a nice 3 days 😦

Do you have house plants? and if so, what is your secret to keeping them alive? I worry that if I can’t keep a plant alive inside, how am I going to manage landscaping when we buy a house?!


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