Sarah Beth
Fishkill, New York

Bio: Hi! My name is Sarah, I am 25 and married my awesome husband, Jordan, on July 12, 2014. Jordan runs an athlete training facility and I work in local government. As of February 2015, we are working on a ketogenic diet to change our body chemistry in the pursuit of ideal health. There might be a few other blog posts thrown in here and there, but I will keep you updated on the process. Ketogenics is a high-fat, adequate protein, low carbohydrate diet that energizes your body from ketones rather than glucose for a healthier, more even energy. Ketosis is a very achievable goal for us | it's a lifestyle adjustment not a unrealistic, fad diet overhaul. However, There are a few absolutely key elements that make or break it: 1) the source of the food (cows, chickens, etc that are raised on energy sources that we can draw from versus grains and hormones which lack nutritional value to us or, in many cases, are harmful) 2) the way the food is prepared using raw fats that aid in the absorption of the available nutrients (raw butter, coconut oil vs. vegetable derived oils that become rancid when heated). 3) We eliminate carbs from the equation in order to break free of a dependence upon glucose for energy. The point is to shift our internal processes to rely on fat as the energy source and in-turn change our body composition, improve our body chemistry, raise energy levels, improve mental clarity, create a healthy genetic environment | for an overall elevated state of health and wellbeing. High performance in all life phases. It's less about the food itself and more about the sources and the ways the food is prepared that make this different from "normal" ways of eating. We spent exactly a year vetting this way of eating, through reading and testing in pieces, and have decided to go All-In for a 30 day period to experience, without modification, the affects of this lifestyle. We can then make our own conclusions, from experience, as to its true value and realistic place in our lives.

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