Week 2


So I am a little bit behind on my postings – its been a crazy week – sorry!

Here is a recap of this week – I think I left off at Monday…

Breakfast: hard boiled eggs (4 each)

Lunch: salads with pepper, cucumber, red leaf lettuce, avocado and left over chicken salad from Sunday night’s dinner

Dinner: “Tacos” – This recipe is one that I did all the time before this diet started and it was my inspiration for dinner.

Keto Tacos:
1lb grass fed ground beef
1 can refried beans
green chilis/ jalapenos
fresh salsa
cheddar cheese (or whatever kind of cheese you like with your tacos – raw is best!)
sour cream
guacamole, optional
taco seasoning
iceberg lettuce

Cook the ground beef in a large saute pan until 90% cooked. Add some taco seasoning, to your liking and the green chilis or jalapenos, depending on your preference. if you remove the seeds and stem from the jalapenos, it cuts down on some of the heat. Add about 1/4 cup of salsa (more if you like!) and mix in the refried beans. Cook the mixture until all the ground beef is fully cooked and the beans are mixed in a smooth.

Carefully remove the outside layers of the iceberg lettuce and use as the taco shell or wrap. Put some of the beef and bean mixture, sour cream, salsa, guacamole/avocado, etc., and “wrap”!

This recipe also makes excellent taco salads – the recipe is the same, just chop or shred the lettuce instead of using it as a wrap. The salsa and sour cream mixed together with a little taco seasoning makes a great “dressing.”

Breakfast: hard boiled eggs (again) – we are good at repetition, if you can’t tell 🙂

Lunch: salads, again – same as Monday (see comment above)

Dinner: eggs. I had a late work meeting so dinner had to be super quick and easy so Jordan made some killer scrambled eggs with spinach and salsa, nothing fancy but delicious 🙂


Breakfast: hard boiled eggs (again)

Lunch: you guessed it! …salad with all the good stuff – peppers, cucumber, avocado, tomato, etc.

Dinner: chicken – as I mentioned earlier, this was a pretty crazy week for us – I put a whole chicken in the crockpot on high for 6 hours, then on warm for about 4 more hours. I made some roasted broccoli to go along with it.


Breakfast: coffee with coconut oil

Lunch: salad (see above :-))

Dinner: baked chicken pieces and collard greens. I had some split chicken breasts that I got over the weekend, so I took them out of the fridge and marinated them in my homemade italian dressing (which I clearly use for everything :-)) just until they were between room temperature and “out-of-the-fridge” cold. Then I baked them at 350 for about 45 minutes until they reached 165 degrees. I have been relying on my thermometer a lot more lately – not sure why I never did before – but its so much better than having to guess!

For the collard greens, they were already chopped and washed, so I melted butter in a saute pan with a little bit of bone stock and then when the butter was melted and coating the pan I sauteed the greens by tossing them around until they were fully coated, a little wilted and dark green. They were still a little bitter for my liking, so I need to keep working on that I think. 


Breakfast: coffee with coconut oil. I can drink this in the morning and be satisfied and energized until lunch. I would say I put about 1/4 cup of coconut oil with a little cream in my coffee and I am good to go. I don’t start to feel hungry until about noon or so and I have good energy all morning (which is a new thing for me in the last couple of days).

Thanks for following along for those that still are!

This week has been MUCH easier than last week – I have a good amount of energy and I am actually feeling really good. I am still on the upswing but I really do feel good. My focus has been the biggest improvement since starting this “diet” and I until now, I didn’t realize how much I was lacking. So if you are giving this a try with us, my advice would be this:

It is most definitely do-able and I would go so far as to say it is not even hard. The first week for me was pretty rough in terms of my energy and just overall feeling but if you push through the results on the other side are already better than I anticipated. It is not exactly a convenient lifestyle, but I am getting used to it and getting over that initial hump.

Stay tuned for more! and as always, if you have questions, please let me know!



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